Anti Rust Spray On Your Bike – 3 Top Tips For Rust Prevention

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Prevention of rust with anti rust spray and similar products is probably the most important task you have to complete to increase the longevity of any metal part that is subject to abrasive wear and the environmental elements.  This applies to cars, bikes, motorcycles and many other types of equipment where constant friction of metal against metal occurs.  And, once corrosion takes hold it is like a cancer that keeps on growing and, regardless of how effective your anti rust spray is, prevention can be impossible.

As with illness, rust can be treated and prevented.  The key is to employ the best possible maintenance protection, like lubricants and coatings, that both help prevent rust and stop it from spreading. Use of  an anti rust spray is the most common approach but few sprays actually do the job well enough to keep your equipment fully protected.


Salt and water – the ‘Kings of Corrosion

The main component that causes rust on vehicles is the corrosive properties of salt.

During winter, cities spread tons of salt to melt ice so getting around can be done safely.  The salt does it’s job well and we are able to travel relatively safely during the winter months, but there is a very real cost for every motorist and cyclist.

In addition to the damage salt causes, there is also the problem of acid rain, as this too has a corrosive impact on all exposed metal parts and creates damage faster on those parts that are subject to abrasive action.  A bicycle chain is one of the most visible examples of an exposed metal part that is subject to constant abrasion.


Combat rust with the following tactics:

  1. Keep things clean -  Whether it be a car, bicycle, motorbike or even a jet pack, winter maintenance is of the upmost importance, despite the poorer weather conditions. Focus on the underside of your vehicle, and in particular the finer and most intricate hidden parts of your bike as well.
  2. Keep things coated – As soon as your applied protection layer , against water and salt is diminished, the rust process can begin. Look in particular that any scratches or further damage to your paintwork, and apply additional layers of protection. For example wax you car as well during the winter.  This adds at least a short term barrier on surfaces that will offer a measure of protection.  This is not meant as a rust prevention strategy in itself but it does help. The order of actions is also important here, since no wax acts as full protection against rust, make sure you have a clean surface, otherwise you might end up gluing corrosive properties to the surface, you were aiming to protect against.
  3. Use anti rust and lubrication – Easy accessible parts are often the most troublesome or anywhere else friction occurs. You can’t keep them totally lubricant free as without it, the finer parts will get damaged. Therefore, quite simply, for your bicycle, motor bike, car, jet pack or maybe your horse, keep chains, gears and other moving elements well lubricated. There are some very good lubricants available on the market nowadays, but Nanoprotech Cycle is the only one which  lubricates and prevents rust effectively.


Lubricants and anti rust sprays

Despite always encouraging use of the spray on a clean and dry surface, our 2-in-1 spray can work on a damp and slightly dirty surface, unlike most lubricants and coatings. Nanoprotech Cycle will push out the moisture and create a protective coating that is incredibly hard to break down.

When it comes to lubricants you may have heard of MUC-OFF and GT-85.  While both of these are good, they are no longer the most effective products on the market principally because they don’t get as deep into the surfaces or create a barrier that is resistant enough to offer complete protection.  As anti rust sprays and lubricants they come up short.  That’s where the latest nano technology comes into play.

When cleaning your car or your bike, also look for hidden areas where dirt can collect.  Under the bike’s fenders and deep in the wheel wells of your car you are sure to find points that act as prime collectors of grit picked up on the road, leaving them exposed to the onset of rust. This is where the right anti rust spray can again make the biggest difference.

In summary, keep outer surfaces clean; add layers of protection; use lubricant and anti rust spray. Still curious? Check our lab tests available on to learn, why we are so confident that NanoProtech beats all other means of protection in all fronts.


Check out our video on how  NanoProtech Anti Corrosive Spray insulates the metal surfaces.

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